What payment methods can I use online?

We accept EFT and Credit Card payments online with your firrst order.

How do I pay my monthly fees every month?

You will receive a monthly invoice each month via email from our automatic billing department, and you can pay that invoice via EFT from your internet bank account or cellphone banking, or make a direct deposit into our bank account.

What about debit orders?

Sorry, we do not do the debit order thing. It is too costly and will influance the prices you pay, We rather leave you in control to pay your account on time every month. We trust our clients!

What about pro-rata payments?

Our plans are not set-up for pro-rata payments, we are sorry. If you order a product somewhere in the month, you have to pay the full price for the remaining part of that month, and again at the end of the month for the new month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No!! All our services are pre-paid in advance. We believe our clients should have the right to walk away from us at any time they want to, …. but we know you will want to stay with us!